“OurStaten Island”

“OurStaten Island”

by Albert J. Albanese, Executive Producer at Eight Days Productions

Let me introduce myself, I am a lifelong 3rd generation Staten Islander, I produce 8 TV shows that air on Verizon Foist & Time Warner Cable. The shows we produce at Eight Days Productions focus on the good things that Staten Islanders do and the wonderful events that take place on Staten Island. On our shows you will see the unsung heroes, the people who deserve credit for the wonderful things they do. The reason I decided to start producing these shows was to show the good things people do it seems the news media only shows bad things. We also show the services available on Staten Island and talk to the experts in the field so our viewers will have a better understanding of these services.

Our shows air on Staten Island cable on FiOS & Time Warner Cable

Richmond County Mustangs air on Mondays at 9:30PM on channel 34

Amanda on the Island airs Mondays at 11PM on channel 34

Staten Island Community Events airs Tuesdays at 6:30PM on channel 35

Meet the People airs Tuesdays at 7:30 PM on channel 35

Your Island Now airs Thursdays at 5PM on channel 34

Ride for the 84+1 airs Thursdays at 6:30PM on channel 34

Democratic Party Events airs Fridays at 4PM on channel 34

Off White Trash airs Saturdays at 11:30PM on channel 34

Richmond County Mustangs, hosted by Mustang Helen & Dawn Malvasio brings you to the various car shows on Staten Island and we interview the owners of those cars. The show also will give you information about the car clubs enthusiasts can join.

Amanda on the Island hosted by Amanda Grossman is all about the fun things on the island, bands, events, art & fashion.

Staten Island Community Events hosted by Jennifer Saladis brings Staten Island events right into your living room.

Meet the People hosted by Brooke Lopez, Janette McGilligan, Jenniffer Brown, Noelle Prideaux &  Lori Rhodes features interviews with Staten Islanders who have done great things that never get covered in the Advance or on the news.

Your Island Now hosted by Gloria Castelucci show events on the island and information on services available on the island.

The Ride for the 84 + 1 is an annual motorcycle fun in honor of the 85 Staten Islanders who gave their lives in the Vietnam War. The motorcycle community raises money for many charities.

Democratic Party Events shows the events sponsored by the Democratic Party and gives information about democratic candidates running for office.

Off White Trash is a local Staten Island classic rock band this show brings you their music to enjoy.

Future columns here will tell you all about events and features we at Eight Days Productions will bring to you on our many shows.


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