“Occupy Wall Street”: A list we all can agree upon…

“Occupy Wall Street”: A list we all can agree upon…

Photo and comments by Ilya Galak

Yes, unfortunately this is a revolution as a result of total government corruption

Politicians to be sold to the special interest groups. No doubt. Big Oil, Big Labor, Big Pharma, Big $$$ – almost all the politicians represent them first.

Absolutely. Be a President. Start to work for the people, not for the special interest groups only. I understand, you need the Soros, GE, Goldman Sachs, Unions money. But we THE PEOPLE still can vote. Stop campaigning and ask the people what to do. I also understand that you are a college professor. You know how to talk, not how to listen. But….

Yes, these are very important issues. And…. a long way to go

“Obama called on Americans to have more grandchildren. Probably so there’s more of them to pay off our debt” – JAY LENO

Eric Holder. Shame on You. AGREE!!!!!

If this kid is thinking about the Federal Reserve Bank or too much government – I am with him

Everything today is a Ponzi Scheme. But somebody always pay. In our case – the taxpayers and our children and grandchildren

I have no idea what does it mean, but looks cool

I just love people and…. money. But people I love more. Money simply can make the life better. Of course, if it is hard earned money. “Easy money” never make people happy

Truth hurts. How can we argue with that?

Bear market. I do not know what is this, but definitely not the Milton Friedman’s type of market. We do not have a capitalism today. We do not have a free market. We have a very strange and dangerous mutant

US Constitution. The best document ever. Unfortunately almost all our politicians did not read it or simply ignore. They like green paper and the power much more

Really far from the New Deal

Please ask president Obama and president Bush. Make more sense

Absolutely. The first issue of the Tea Party movement in 2009 – against banks bail-outs

This is true. But… if you do not want to play with your money on Wall Street – do not play. Use traditional IRA or similar programs, like I do. I am in private business, I do not have the huge retirement plans like municipal workers. Just be conservative …

Absolutely! This is the main source for all our problems. People must “occupy” Washington, and that may fix all the “Wall Street” problems

Me too… But our politicians like them very much. Our politicians need their money. Big Oil, Big Labor, Big Pharma, Big $$$ are always welcome in Washington

Bloomberg must protect the Wall Street. You may not like to hear that, but 20% of the NYC income is coming from there. Again – try to “‘occupy” Washington. And the Wall Street will be fixed automatically

The nine most terrifying words in the English language are, ‘I’m from the government and I’m here to help.’ Ronald Reagan

Me too… But I think I know

Agree. Let’s keep the corporation’s CEO and union leaders out of the political process. That may help a lot

100% agree. But not only the rich. And not 90%. Many people simply do not understand the basic economy. Tax me 90% – I will close the business, lay-off employees and start to look for a government job. Why do I need the headache, work 24/7 in order to feed a Big Government. Guys, let’s be fare! And smart! 50% of the American people do not pay taxes at all. More – they get government assistance (read – taxpayers money). Welfare, Medicaid, food stamps… Let them also pay their “Fare Share”. Equal opportunities, not an equal salaries. If , god forbid, you are disable or a senior citizen – this is a different story. But the young healthy people must work . By the way – job is the best and easiest way to get money from the rich

And I am with you. We are not politicians. we do not have to kiss anybody else’s ass in order to get re-elected

I wish…. I wish to have a Government for the People. Read US Constitution

100% agree. That is exactly what our founder – fathers wanted

Correct. Ronald Reagan said: “Government is not the solution to the problem. Government IS the problem.”

Not only “financial” criminals. All the criminals!!! “Political” criminals also

I am happy some of the people understand that Obama is the huge part of the “corporate greed”. I would say – the major part. Remember that in 2012. Vote for the people, not for the corrupted career politicians. 9-9-9


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