Voting Irresponsibly Guarantees a Return to The Past

Voting Irresponsibly Guarantees a Return to The Past


                                                                                                                                                                By Ralph J. Rubinek

In one decade so many innocent lives destroyed, Jews, Christians and individuals of thought.  I will memorialize my parents, their pain and suffering, my childhood, which was taken as their experiences, touched my very soul and to this I remain a torchbearer to hope and vision only if we as a nation of free men and woman never forget.

As a child I knew I was different than all the other children there were no sounds of family especially at holidays.

My Mother, Chaya Hershberg was born in Olkuse, Poland to a family of blue-collar workers. Father, Mordcha Rubinek born in Kielzer, Poland to a family of industrialists. Both lead very different lives before the war only to meet as survivors of Hitler’s final solution.

My Mother, Chaya Hershberg was born in Olkuse, Poland

Jews is Europe prior to the Second World War lived in relative peace and tranquility. They were accepted in every avenue of industry and government until one day hate was projected upon them for Europe, Germany in particular needed to find blame for its failed economy and collapsing social structure.

Vague depictions were cast upon the Jewish people by controlling factions of the media starting in 1930 in Germany. Der Strummer the leading periodical of the time even claimed Jews used human blood in sacramental meals during Passover. A madman, Adolph Hitler was elected to power.

The night of “Broken Glass” was the culmination of reconstructionalism and propaganda. Today, how can we forget, least it will happen again?

When the Nazis invaded Poland almost immediately they began to round up the Jewish people. They were assisted by anti Jewish sentiment, which had spread throughout Europe were Jews were systematically identified, herded and maintained in ghettos.

No, mother told me Hitler didn’t want the final solution at first, only after the world showed they didn’t want the Jewish refugee from Europe. Thousands of Jews were allowed to flee only to be denied entry to any safe haven There was no Israel, no right of return nowhere to go except to the final solution as the world watched.

Mother and father both told me how their families were rounded up and murdered, a miracle alone they survived only to be tortured in Concentration Camps, mother in Auschwitz father late in the war, in Buchenwald. Father very German looking and fluent in German was able to flee to Italy, mother saved by the Roman Catholic Church acting with Jewish partisans. Though the Nazis were no longer in control, they were still murdering the remaining Jews. Mother too was able to escape to Italy where Jews on the whole were protected by the Italian people and little known as the “Secret” the church.

My parents met in Italy and immigrated to Israel upon its creation, there they married. Both after such inhuman conditions during the Holocaust saw the creation of the Jewish State however couldn’t bear the sight of constant war in Eretz Yisroel.

They left the land of “Milk and Honey”.

Immigrating to the United States in the Mid 50’s they made their new life and enjoyed liberty however never free of their sad memories.

I was born in August of 1958, although my life bore witness to sadness and tribulation I can proudly say there is hope as long as we remember not to forget and not to hate. Both my parents taught me this virtue.

We must remain vigilant and hopeful.

In memory of six million Jews murdered by ignorance and in memory of my parents, Motek and Chaya whose knowledge as Holocaust survivors lit up my world. Both knew how the mechanics of Socialism highjacked the causative and mechanical nature of the Holocaust as its hideous ideology unfolds to this very day. My focus is my family and personal history as it contains a parallel to today. Without memorialization based upon history our world is doomed to relive one of history’s darkest chapters. I am a Second Generation survivor who had to learn to be self sufficient and responsible at age sixteen. I learned the best lessons of life are self motivation where limitation of government sets the stage for motivation, innovation and the fruits of success, the American dream.

To do otherwise shortchanges society where reliance to government sets the foundation of servitude and the atrocities of Hitler’s final solution. Society inquires how such atrocities occur. This publication will address the ideology of hatred through conditioning and subliminal suggestion on many levels to include self hatred. Many leaders of this ilk present unattainable and unprincipled benevolence as a wrapping in order to attract the ignorant and those with preponderance toward hate into the fold. America has fallen asleep.

 My mother and father came to America to escape the chains of Europe; the very Europe America’s founders opposed setting the course toward revolution. As Lexington and Concord culminated a gathering of patriots to oppose the might of England then whereas the same band of formerly oppressed Jews escaped Europe attaining arms to confront tyranny after the Holocaust by combating the British Mandate in the Mideast in 1947… Hence claiming independence of the Promised Land away from England in the like of America’s founders. As citizens, let us remember what brought us here, I will vote responsibly as I do not wish to lose what my parents came to America in the first place.


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