Little Boy Boo. Book review

In this delightful new book – the reader gets to illustrate each adventure and even write the last chapter!

And…the reader writes his/her name on the front cover, joining the author in creating the finished book.

There is a place for a picture and a biography on the rear cover too!

There are 13 chapters..starting out short then progressing to longer ones. There are games, puzzles and even pages to write their own adventure to finish the book!

Join the Author David Mercaldo PhD and bring your child’s imagination along to this wonderful book about a dog…who thought…he was a boy!

The consumer reports are in! Children love the moving and endearing stories of Boo Boo Baxter…a Yorkshire terrier who refuses to be a dog. Thirteen stories bring the young reader into the life of “Miss Linda,” Boo’s Mistress. Together they share a little cottage on Staten Island where their adventures unfold.

Child’s name goes on the cover as the book’s illustrator.








 Meet David Mercaldo, PhD….educator, playwright and author. This forty year veteran teacher has been the guest of schools, civic organizations, colleges and business organizations nationwide. He was presented with the Westinghouse Award for excellence in teaching and the Outstanding Young Men in America. Today he shares his books and continues to motivate his audiences – challenging them with the “possibilities” for their future. Place him on your organization or school calendar for a special guest appearance.


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