American Dream is not coming to an end

By Michael Borodino

Nowadays, it’s not surprising to see claims from both the left and the right that the “American Dream” is coming to an end. As a business owner in both Staten Island and Brooklyn, Dmitri Langer has defied the odds and experienced the “American Dream” to its fullest potential. Mr. Langer is the owner of a chain of tile stores, DiscoBath, which serves both the tri-state area and the continental U.S. via their online division.

Mr. Langer immigrated to the United States with his family over twenty years ago as an immigrant from the Soviet Union. He had seen the destruction that socialism yields on a nation and wanted to immigrate to a country that allowed hard working individuals to prosper to their fullest potential. After coming here, Mr. Langer followed the route of the typical immigrant – he worked several odd jobs that helped him and his family gets by. Eventually, he ended up working in a tile store on Midland Beach; there, he realized where his future would take him.

While the future looked bleak, Mr. Langer knew that he could not expect rewards in life without taking calculated risks. The owner of the tile store where he worked was retiring, and he was in the perfect position to take over the location. The opportunity was perfectly timed, as this was during the construction boom of the early twenty-first century. Dmitri strove to find investors any way he could – he reached out to family and friends who pooled all of their funds together in order to make sure Dmitri’s dream could become a reality.

Today, DiscoBath is an ever-evolving enterprise with many new difficulties on the horizon. Competition is strengthening, while demand is declining rapidly. Mr. Langer ensures that his dream will remain alive by pouring all of his effort into his stores. When he was interviewed, Mr. Langer described the reason his business has remained on top: “I am constantly striving to keep up with an evolving marketplace. I work on the showroom all the time, ensuring that customers receive a pleasant shopping experience from the environment itself and the employees, too. My goal is customer service, and my staff knows that. This is what has helped me stay on top of my competition all these years.”

Walking into DiscoBath, customers are greeted by the warm smile of an employee eager to help them redesign their home bathroom environment, or build an entirely new one. When I visited DiscoBath, I was genuinely surprised by my experience. I was used to big box stores such as Home Depot, and I had not received this level of customer service in years. The products were slightly more expensive, but their premium-class quality made them all the more worthwhile. It was clear the business was run by a professional, and Dmitri’s efforts had ensured a great shopping experience.

Dmitri describes the future as unclear, but had the following to say: “The future of shopping is the internet, and we all know that. The question is what organizations will adapt quickly and corner the marketplace. At DiscoBath, we are quickly moving into the internet sphere, and have developed the nicest bathroom store on the web. There are completely different dynamics online, but we are prepared to come out on top. Don’t forget to Google us!”

Mr. Langer often remembers his humble roots and his immigrant history, but he describes his past as a motivator to push towards the future. Having grown up in the Soviet Union, he seizes the ability to succeed, and does everything in his power to ensure he does so.

Web – site: CLICK HERE

8664 18th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11214
Office: (718) 621-9800
Fax: (718) 621-5333
2026 McDonald Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11223
Office: (718) 998-0900
Fax: (718) 998-0990
626 Midland Avenue
Staten Island, NY 10306
Office: (718) 987-5300
Fax: (718) 987-1313

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