Hurricane Sandy on Staten Island. Photos by Ilya Galak

Photos by Ilya Galak

Staten Island, NY

NEW YORK, Nov 2 (Reuters): ” Four days after superstorm Sandy smashed into the U.S. Northeast, rescuers on Friday were still discovering the extent of the death and devastation in New York and the New Jersey shore, and anger mounted over gasoline shortages, power outages and waits for relief supplies.
The total killed in one of the biggest storms to hit the United States jumped by a third on Thursday, to 98. In New York City, 40 people have been found dead, half of them in Staten Island, which was overrun by a wall of water on Monday.
Among the dead in Staten Island were two brothers, aged 2 and 4, who were swept from their mother’s arms after her car stalled in rising flood waters. Their bodies were found near each other in a marshy area on Thursday”.

The “tree” guest

The level of water – 1st floor

Entrance to the basement

Pump out water from the house

Midland Beach

The backyard

The backyard

Midland Beach

The traffic light on Hylan Blvd

No comments

FEMA walking around. Did they help anybody?

The House

Great Kills

Great Kills

The guests

No comments

Nice car

The backyard

Somebody just installed in his house…

Let’s go walk 😦

Midland Beach. Typical street after the Sandy

Midland beach people. There are no FEMA people there as you can see


Nelson Ave Children Playground

The guest

No power, no gas

Hylan Blvd

FEMA – relaxing on Hylan Blvd

Line for the gas

I am near the friends house on Midland Beach

The front yard

The gas again…

6 thoughts on “Hurricane Sandy on Staten Island. Photos by Ilya Galak

  1. I pray God helps everyone who is in need because of Sandy and that this storm that’s coming today skips our area –

    The quote by Pastor Martin Niemoller is appropriate – we’re in a similar position – Nazi Germany too hold because good people did nothing to stop it. Now that this election is over with and we have the Marxist Muslim president remaining in the White House we all have to speak up, act up, make our voices heard everywhere, do all you can to convert the left to the right and then some. If you don’t, be prepared to have them come for you one day.

  2. Horrible. Obama administration clearly fail here. Nevertheless NY voted for him… this is just first drop of Lord’s Wrath. More to come. Unfortunately.

  3. Amazing photos & comments, Ilya. Even better, you’re observations about FEMA. Our local heroes (citizens, FDNY, EMT, police) are the true heroes. We certainly don’t need DHS in our backyards. Keep up the great work!

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