The man has a point: Balance the f*kin* budget!

The United States national debt now stands at more than $16 trillion dollars. Under the Obama administration, that debt has increased by more than 35 percent. The Congressional Budget Office confirms that the national debt is already nearly two-thirds the size of our economy and could equal an unimaginable 90 percent in the next 10 years.

The man has a point


“Stop being and dick head and balance the fucking budget” i love it lol

I agree with this guy. Lead by example. Balance the budget. Quit worrying about your special interests. Do the right thing-pay the bills. Cut the budget. Work together because you’re representing AMERICA! Not just your lobbyists and special interests! Great video.

“How am I gonna tell my daughter how great capitalism is, when we’re borrowing all our money from the biggest communist country in the world!!!” Now that’s funny.

Thanks for saying what we’re all feeling…

Brilliant! 🙂 Pay ya f*kin* bills on time! Haha!

Guys…the fed can print money. You don’t need to balance your books

We NEED you at OCCUPY WALL STREET!!!! Can you make it??

It sounds like we have to figured out the whole mess with the government. Not just Obama but our entire congress and our entire senate, entire political system.

This man for PRESIDENT! He got my vote!


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