An Open Letter to Colin Powell from the Frederick Douglass Foundation

In the last two elections, candidate Obama and then President Obama was able to point to your endorsement as an example of a Republican for Obama.  That’s a shame.  When one looks at your past record, one can only conclude that you’ve been nothing but a Republican of convenience with a poorly hidden disdain for your party and your country.

Powell ObamaDuring the First Gulf War, as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, you earned great popularity for a successful and quick war on Saddam Hussein.  The Republicans watched the war on CNN and thought: “Look at that, we came, we saw, we kicked butt, and then we got out.  General Powell’s a pretty smart guy.”  This was a result of your “Powell Doctrine,” which, among other aspects, emphasizes an exit strategy after exhaustion of all diplomatic options.  It also stressed minimizing US casualties by using decisive force to crush the weaker force into capitulation.  Sounds good.

In short, we went in, planted our flag, told Saddam to stay out of Kuwait and got home in time to watch our flag get burned by the Iraqi Street.  At that point, even the Democrats loved you.  They watched the war on CNN and thought: “Look at that.  We went in, and now we’re out.  Oh hey, and they’re burning our flag.  That’s awesome.  They still have a right to free expression, and we didn’t even take out their leader Saddam.  That’s so thoughtful.  His mustache makes him look like Stalin, and that Luigi character from Mario Brothers.  I loved Donkey Kong.  Hey, let’s play some Nintendo.”

With an effort like that- one that pleases everyone- your popularity numbers were sky-high.  The liberals loved that this war really didn’t accomplish much, and the Republicans hadn’t yet realized how little it had accomplished.  Liberals are notoriously oblivious to the past and love to live in the moment, so their lack of inability to anticipate problems in the future can be forgiven.  It’s why they’re liberal.  But you cannot be forgiven for that failure to anticipate.  By not taking out Saddam Hussein while we were in his neighborhood, we just left him there to plot.  And plot he did.

In the run up to the second Iraq War, as President George W. Bush’s Secretary of State, you were in charge of informing the global community of why we were going to war.  You referred to intelligence sources from numerous different nations concluding that he did have some WMDs and was indeed seeking the development of more.  This was also pretty obvious since he’d slaughtered over 100,000 Kurds in 1988, many of which he’d killed with mustard gas and nerve gas, which is a WMD.  If he’d had them in 1988, were we really supposed to conclude that there’s no way that he would still have them?

You made the argument before the UN well, but then you proceeded to undermine the same war effort you’d made the arguments to embark upon.  As head of the State Department- which if we’re really honest with ourselves has turned into nothing more than the United Nation’s wing of the American government- you allowed your lackeys to leak lies, innuendo and classified nonsense to the liberal media who used it to destroy the Bush administration and the war effort.

Consider the fact that the person who supposedly outed Valerie Plame’s CIA identity was your best underling Deputy Secretary of State Dick Armitage.  First off, Plame was a desk jockey blowhard at the CIA, and she wasn’t undercover.  Second off, the media and your State Department minions were misreporting Plame’s husband Joe Wilson’s report.  In his initial report, he wrote that Saddam Hussein was indeed trying to buy yellow cake uranium for nuclear bombs in Niger.  However, to discredit the war effort based on the lack of evidence of WMDs, the story became a retelling of Joe Wilson’s actual experience.  He was now saying that Hussein wasn’t trying to buy yellow cake, even though he knew that this lie totally contradicted his original report, which actually served to bolster the intelligence reports on WMDs.  And thirdly, even though you and Armitage knew that you were the one’s that told Robert Novak of her name, you let Scooter Libby spend time in jail while trying to clear his name.

The whole thing was politically destructive nonsense and a distraction that only made it harder for our fine men in combat to perform their duties.  It split the country and prolonged the war by creating opposition that wasn’t necessary.  The opposition turned to obstruction that has cost our servicemen support and some of their ability to prosecute a war effectively.  These lies and distortions also made President Bush extremely unpopular, while you sat by and did nothing but throw red organic vegetables to the anti-war left that runs the Democrat Party.

And then what happened?  You endorsed President Obama, he won and now we’ve ensured that we fought the Iraq War for absolutely nothing.  We have no contingent force allowed to be there, and now Iraq is kicking American oil companies out while allowing the Russians in.

Another reason the Iraq War has been so unsuccessful is that, in the run up to it, you dilly dallied with the United Nations for a year as they came up with road block after road block to hinder our success.

While that happened, Saddam cleaned up his house.  He moved his WMDs, some say to Syria, and we were able to see the satellite images of truck convoys moving all his goodies of slaughter out of his country.  For whatever reason, the idea that he might be smart enough to spend that year protecting his weapons never was taken seriously by the diplomats who spent their time on the stage running cover for our enemies.  It’s extremely sad that diplomats, like yourself, actually think like this.  It’s as if you all actually thought that Saddam would sit around for a year and do nothing whatsoever to protect all the weapons that he’d developed.  Once the main combat phase of the war was over and they didn’t find huge weapons caches, you turned on President George W. Bush.

Furthermore, it was your Pottery Barn analogy that changed our objectives.  The goal of war is to kill people we don’t like and blow up their stuff.  You, as a diplomat with clout, said, “You break it, you own it.”  In other words, you talked our president into nation building.  We’ve spent a decade of treasure and blood rebuilding a nation of ungrateful people who hate us, only to surrender our ability to have access to their oil markets to our Russian and Chinese enemies.

Iraq was a rotten country, and it still is.  We gave them freedom, but they used that to do exactly what we’d hoped they wouldn’t.  They are closer now to Iran and our Cold War enemies than they were before the war.

So here’s the truth about your 70% approval ratings.  50 of that 70 is the 100% of Democrats that know you’re nothing but one of them who pretends to be a Republican.  The other 20 is the 40% of Republicans who aren’t paying attention.  You’re a sheep in wolf’s clothing.  Do us a favor and take off your mask.  Admit you’re really a Democrat.  Quit trying to pretend your opinions deserve more clout because you’re a Republican who hates his party and his country’s success on the international stage.  And please, don’t ever endorse another Republican ever.  If he’s actually worth electing, your endorsement will hinder his cause.


The Frederick Douglass Foundation of NY

Loved and Hated, but Never Ignored


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