Connecticut Tragedy: Gun-control issue hits boiling point

By  Jake Danishevsky
Folks, I am very saddened by the events of this Friday shooting. I am a parent and I can not even express in words what I have been feeling, as so many of you have. Don’t get me wrong in what I am about to say and if it offends you, I will offer no apology, but only the fact that I am saying this from the heart and being honest. I am always being honest with myself, my conscious and my feelings. I have been told by a few, lets call them Politically Correct, people that if I said something like this or took a stance like that, I would have a bigger audience on the page. That is nice and all, the audience, but how can I not be true to what I am and what I feel.
Gun control

Just to express or remind everyone again, I am not a gun owner, never thought about it and up to few days ago said, never will. I hold no dog in this fight, yet, but I am strongly considering to approach the topic and surprisingly my much better half, my wife, has started to topic and discussion of maybe or why not. Yes, WHY NOT? My feeling are all over the map and I am just going crazy for the families of those poor young innocent souls. I keep repeating myself, but I also keep trying to wrap my head around this and this is what I have been processing over the weekend…

Religion on the line is one of my favorite shows on the WABC radio. They are always just, at moment politically correct, so that they take a stand on the religious aspect of the item and not political, but at times, they are expressing the views that I don’t exactly agree with. Today, they out right pi$$ed me off. They have been more than wrong, but completely spitting out nonsense. Both Joseph and Kevin, a Jew and a Catholic, expressed their view, their very emotional view and even told off someone who called and very nicely tried to express a very interesting point. They screamed that enough about guns and 2nd amendment. How many poor and innocent have to die in order for people to start thinking ‘rationally’ that guns are a danger to our society.

Hmmm, lets see for a moment my ‘favorite’ team on the radio. ARE YOU NUTS!!! Can they honestly tell me that if guns were banned or assault weapons were banned that this guy would not go through with this? He used a rifle to do all the damage, he used a hand gun to take his own life, which was worthless anyway. His life was nothing and he didn’t deserve it, but the lives of innocent and poor children, including the 6 adults were taken with the rifle. Now, they found a backup weapon in the car and it was a BIG one. It was worth mentioning, so if he had a bomb, 100 knives in the car and a hand grenade, would they mention those? He didn’t use assault weapon, so if he really wanted to, he could have done what the guy in China did with a knife or anything that he wanted to cause evil with.

How come the people are not talking about the fact that the gun laws in CT are already some of the strictest, so could this be a coincidence or an actual fact that in gun free zones people are actually in more danger from criminals like this one? Lets ponder on this and keep going.

Another small item that they reported on the radio, in a by the way, fashion. A man tried to set his wife on fire and when the police came, they found multiple assault weapons and hand guns. Interesting, but in this case, what did guns have to do with the actual crime that he was about to commit. Lets see. If someone shoots someone, do they report that this man shut or was about to shoot someone, but they found a car that he was about to drive drunk in his driveway? Just curious. What was the point of the BTW what they found in his house on the weekend such as this one? Just curious, since the media is obviously making a point. I also didn’t hear that the fact that he had gas and matches in the house was a problem as well, wasn’t it. Lets put this one in the oven, no punt intended, and let it cook for a while. Lets give this one some thought friend.

Bloomberg speaks out. Well, of course he does. Freedom of speech and his opinion is always the one that we all ‘want to hear’, don’t we? Big Gulp Mike made some points, which I am sure most of you can already imagine what they might have been, but than he made a point that just made me think and I wanted to share.

” ‘President’ Obama should have made his campaign about ban on fire arms in 2008. Americans say that they want guns and Obama won, so that shows how important the issue is too the people. If it wasn’t for money dumping NRA to fight Mr Obama in his election, he would have run on banning guns, but their millions make a difference and scare politicians in every election.”

That is first part in the nutshell. Big Gulp Mike actually tried to make a point that NRA controls the elections. Never mind about brutal Unions who scream that they will kill some people and dump tons of money into every democratic candidate. How about ACORN and

Michael Bloomberg

Michael Bloomberg

I don’t know if someone sent Mike B a memo, but those are pretty well funded and not to mention linked to some very RICH, but non taxable people, punt and sarcasm intended. Well, that goes without saying that Too Much Salt in NY Mike might have spoken out of his comfort zone on this one, since it had nothing to do with the dietary measures of New Yorkers, but here is a next one that was just funny to listen to, even though the events are not. Comedian Bloomberg says:

“After having a conversation with both Romney and Obama, I decided to endorse the ‘president’ because of his anti gun views.”

Wait, I had to take a moment and just pretend that I heard what I heard. I am not yet that old and my ears are fine, so I did hear it. Bloomberg, you were pretending to be a Republican, than you came out of the closet as an Independent, but all the time you are truly a liberal Obama supporter you pathetic political impotent, so if you trying to tell us that you actually made a decision to endorse anyone, it was always Obama.

It was Obama before Obama was even known to us as Obama. Bloomberg is a pathetic excuse for someone pretending to be a center politician had to think about his endorsements and the gun laws sealed the deal for him? How come we hear this very specific decision process today. How come he never expressed that he had a 50/50 on endorsement before. Liberal attempt at showing that he actually did some thinking? Yes, we all listen and I am sure ‘most of us’ would believe someone like you or something like this. Lets put this one on the side and let it cook for a second. Lets go on.

Last point I would like to make is about general issue and idea of what is going on. Once again, just a reminder, not a gun owner. Very neutral on the topic until actually a year ago. I got the gun issue, but was not strong supporter on either way and said that if you want to have it, fine, but I was not supporting it. Guess what this administration and their very deranged view on the topic, made me a big supporter of second amendment and our rights to bare arms. I don’t understand why people say that if we take the guns away, we will not see this type of deaths and we will all be better off. Well, let me see.

Some Australians say things like “When they eliminated guns in our nation, gun deaths dropped, but other deaths went up.” My analysis on this that the gun deaths were innocent and armed citizens defending themselves and killing criminals. Well, the second part is obvious. If the first one dropped, the crime with non guns went up, because criminals are running wild on the fact that someone forgot to tell them not to cause crime?

If we get rid of guns, innocent will not die, look at other nations and look at us. Example is in order here. Soviet Union, Russia, or any other republic, but lets take Ukraine where I grew up. Guns, legal guns for citizens are completely illegal. If you look at it from the outside, Soviet Crime was minimal. Two things to keep in mind here. 1. They just didn’t report it. So, if someone says that there is genocide in Uganda for example and UN says that they will help, but it is good that they have no gun homicide.

I say, genocide is already bad enough crime from the government to unarmed citizens, but would we actually expect the government to report on criminals who kill those whom government disarmed in the first place. Somehow criminals once again, did not get the memo and found a way to have guns, but non reported, therefore no homicide or very minimal if we do find out.There is your non gun society of Soviet Union or many other nations. Non Reported crimes, therefore ‘no crimes’? 2. Second part of this comment is that in Soviet Union Police Officers used to get slaughtered just because a criminal needed a gun and had nowhere to get it, so killing a cop would guarantee access to his or her firearm. Yes, it could happen anywhere, but hard core assassins or seasoned criminals, who are interested to go after other criminals in some retaliation and would actually do society a favor by killing each other, go after a cop or two first in order to get a weapon. Gun free doesn’t kill right?

Last thing. Obama showed up and gave a nice speech today. I was actually rooting for him, but he filled it up with goodies that I just couldn’t ignore. He could just show up and say something comforting and leave, couldn’t he? He made a speech about how we should care about, not yours, not mine, OUR children. We should care about them as a community and a nation. Well, let me take a little part and analyze it, not to say that part of the speech wasn’t well written, by someone else, but still politics? Really Obama? Our children and protect our kids?

Yes, of course, how can we forget. When the Americans were warned not to travel to Mexico due to the danger, most like because of the little insignificant thing that a lot of us like to call “Fast and Furious”, Obama’s daughter goes there with 12 friends. Guns you say. Guns kill people. Well, not in this case, because she was accompanied by 25 people from secret service and I can almost guarantee you, that they were packing more than just pepper spray and we paid for it. Yes, we take care of not yours, not mine, but our aka Obama’s children protecting them with armed people. Your kids protected with guns would not be a good idea, since guns kill, there, that’s it. Should I say more about this, or this is just obvious. Yes, the argument could be, she is president’s daughter, but THEY WERE CARRYING GUNS!!! How could she be safe? Sorry, I just have to stop before I say something that I might regret or not.

Overall, I am just speechless about the poor families, parents, relatives and friends. My heart, my prayers never stopped for them. For us, we care and do feel their pain, but it is good thoughts and nice words. For them, it is reality, a pain that we can never understand and hope never have to. No parent has to, ever. They will have this pain and always will. That is what Obama should have said. This is a cut that will never heal. This is a loss that will never be justified or ever dealt with properly. This is not a normal sequence of circle of life and the parents are forever in our prayers and so are the kids. Hug your kids. Kiss them good night and pray for evil to stop, hopefully in some small way. Amen and God Bless all of you and yours!!


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