Erick Salgado: I am the one who is going to deal with this City’s over 600,000 undocumented immigrants

By Ilya Galak

“As a Mayor, I will end quotas in the Police Department, including ticketing’ – Erick Salgado

“Parents have to be brought into the educational process.  Involvement of dedicated in parents in their children’s education must be encouraged.  As Mayor, I will push to include a grade from parents in each teacher’s evaluation and audit the entire system identifying those educational programs that work so they may be replicated throughout the City” – Erick Salgado

“As a small business owner I understand how the endless burden of bureaucratic paperwork and excessive, often unnecessary, fines hurt the bottom line.  Collectively, small businesses are our city’s biggest employer and we must support them.  I will limit the bureaucracy that prevents small businesses from thriving, give tax incentives to encourage small businesses to hire additional workers and push for legislation that prohibits the proceeds from fines levied against these businesses from going into the City’s treasury.  I will also provide tax incentives to bring manufacturing back to New York City, targeting clean and emerging hi-tech, bio-tech and nanotech industries” – Erick Salgado

Would you give us a brief biography? 

My biography is available on my website .


 What childhood influences shaped the person you became as an adult?

My father was a strong factor in shaping my character and for me becoming a responsible adult. He always encouraged me to work hard and impressed on me the importance of being able to provide for my family. He also gave me the confidence of not being ashamed of who I am or of my ethnicity.  Whenever I feel exhausted after a hard day’s work, I remember what my dad told me about the importance of working hard and being a good provider for my loved ones.

6th grade graduation

6th grade graduation

Who or what inspired your interest in religion?

As a child of a hard working family, I saw my parents continuously moving back and forth between New York and Puerto Rico in their quest to look out for the welfare of my family.  This caused many financial problems and stress in my family, resulting in my parents divorcing.  It was in the middle of this family crisis, at the age 14, that I became actively involved in the Church.

Rev Erick Salgado and Sonia Delgado

Rev Erick Salgado and Sonia Delgado

 What part of your career made you most proud?

I am proud to have built one of the largest Spanish Evangelical Broadcasting Radio Networks on the northeast coast of this great country.

When and why did you become interested in politics?

I have always been active in different social issues, getting personally involved to make a positive difference.  I also love to study history, receiving inspiration from the past.  I believe that it is important for me and others in this nation, to understand history so that we may make the appropriate decisions to avoid repeating the mistakes that others have made.  Running for elected office provides me with the opportunity to make sure the issues important to all New Yorkers get discussed and being Mayor will enable me to affect positive change to better the lives of all our neighbors.

What does it mean to be a conservative Democrat?

I am a Conservative Democrat who will reach out to those New Yorkers struggling to survive day to day, as well as hard working families who also need attention from City Hall.  A Conservative Democrat is an individual who is willing to work with large companies to make sure that they continue to provide jobs for New Yorkers and who respects religious freedom and the cultures of our City’s many diverse communities.

What inspired you to run for Mayor’s office?

I made the decision to run for Mayor: When I observed the disconnect many career politicians have from the reality of what so many New Yorkers are facing every day just to feed, clothe and house their families. When I observed many career politicians celebrating what they called “the recovery from Super Storm Sandy” while thousands of residents on Staten Island remain without the resources needed for normal life. When I was working with the people of Coney Island and I witnessed more than 40 people searching through garbage cans for food.  Having experienced this, I could not in good conscience look the other way. The people of New York City who are suffering need a Mayor who will give them the respect and attention they deserve.

What qualities do you think you can bring to the City Hall that the incumbent lack?

I will be a Mayor with sensitivity to the multicultural communities that make up New York City.  My over two decades of community work and experience as a small businessman, who has employed many local residents, provides me with an understanding of the needs of the poor, the middle class and the business owners.  I am the one who can put many more New Yorkers back on their feet by creating jobs in this City. I am the one who is going to deal with this City’s over 600,000 undocumented immigrants by registering them so that they will be known to our system.

As a new Mayor, what would be your top priorities?

As Mayor my top priorities will be a safe New York City, job creation, education and equal opportunity for all New Yorkers.

What is your vision of the New York over the next four years?

My administration will create a city in which everyone receives the respect they deserve, without bullying anyone because the color of their skin or their accent. I foresee a City in which New Yorkers are safe from the vicious crime that continues to plague us each and every day.   I want a City that provides all New Yorkers – regardless of which of the five boroughs they live in − the attention that they need and deserve. I will make sure that City Hall works with businesses to help them thrive and create new jobs.  I see reenergized Department of Education graduating students who are able to compete nationally and globally. In short, I envision a New York City that works for all of us.

How do you expect to beat incumbents?

I am harnessing the energy of New York City’s diverse communities − Latinos, communities of faith including Orthodox Jews, Catholics, Evangelicals and many others − to join with New Yorkers who believe in respect and decency, to become the first Latino Mayor of New York City.


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