Gun Control – Gateway to Hell

By Ralph J. Rubinek

Throughout the history of mankind there has been those who seek to rule by benevolence and those who seek to rule by shear force.

Wars have been fought just for the sport of conquest and that of control. Conquers by any realm in written history disarm subjects of conquest and those who oppose their rule of force executed.

Modern warfare has no coat of arms nor uniform, combatants seek to utilize freedoms hard gained through propaganda and acts of terror. In America, Modern combatants by virtue of behavior would have been institutionalized prior to civil rights protections put in place in New York in the 1970s by then Governor Hugh Cary who let scores of crazies hit the streets then and roam freely to this day.

There are those who believe bending civil liberties or repealing constitutionally guaranteed individual rights would solve violence in America. Taking away rights never accomplishes a happy ending. In the end millions die and not one life saved.

Americas founders where masters of the English language, they incorporated certain rights in order to maintain a balance in our Democracy based upon law. They knew how power corrupts and how governments at times seize opportunity to murder as many of their subjects who step in their way. Intellectuals, people of faith and those with a sense of community and responsibility were enemies of the state.

The Second Amendment was incorporated as a mechanism of balance and trust between a free society and its government.

In the Twentieth Century over 170 million people were murdered by government, mostly in so called civilized Europe. A Europe which incorporated strict gun control laws as those sought by today’s progressive’s. In Europe the only ones with guns were criminals and government thugs who murdered with impunity.

Since the late nineteenth century, most intellectuals have embraced the illusion that government could somehow be tamed. They promoted a vast expansion of government power supposedly to do good.
But the twentieth century turned out to be the bloodiest in human history, confirming the worst fears of classical liberals who had always warned about government power. Perhaps nobody has done a better job documenting its horrors than University of Hawaii political science professor emeritus Rudolph J. Rummel.
Little known outside the academic community, he suddenly received much attention when he wrote Death by Government (Transaction, 1994). In the book, Rummel analyzed 8,193 estimates of government killings and reported that throughout history governments have killed more than 300 million people–with more than half, or 170 million, killed during the twentieth century. These numbers don’t include war deaths.

We need to punish criminals and institutionalize those who clearly present a danger to themselves and others.
It is with no wonder Machiavelli’s thoughts were correct centuries ago to modern times.

Ordinary citizens are tired of the same feel good politicians who promise change yet deliver either more of the same or misery. In respect to gun control, it sure sounds good, yet in practice is never enforced given over 25,000 gun control laws already in the books all while drug dealers already know how the law has been a dismal failure controlling them, hence at times are better armed than law enforcement, here in the USA and abroad.

Progressives say they are championing a better society and have been instrumental in electing politicians who goose step to their alleged agenda.

In an failed operation to identify and contain sale of all kinds of weapons to Mexican drug lords, the United States Government has been linked to facilitate the sale of literally thousands of firearms and crates of ammunition, several of which have been linked to the murder of US Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry and key Mexican officials… So much for “Gun Control”.

It is with no surprise mass killers in the United States appear to be hatched from the very same intellectuals who at every juncture seek to control when we are born and when we die… Our colleges and universities are filled with programmed individuals in the likes of James Holmes who meticulously devised a plan to kill with impunity. He cared not of law or even human existence, he purchased guns and ammo legally alright, he also had in his possession illegal gases and bombs. If the death penalty wasn’t a concern, how would more laws have prevented his horrific acts?

Most mass shootings today occur in gun free zones which are legislatively protected and bring a gun there alone is a crime.

The National Rifle Association (NRA) is a citizen advocacy group comprised of everyday people, not the gun manufacturers. NRA President Harlon Carter, was a United States Border Patrol Agent and a career law enforcement officer, a personal friend of mine… Surly him and I know about the price of freedom, my parents suffered in Europe and he respected knowing that there is a “Price of freedom”, non worse than loosing freedom.

NRA’s membership is also comprised of new comers to the United States who are victims of oppressive governments who have for many years disarmed their subjects for safeties sake and killed their families with no regard to human dignity or life.

It happened to my parents family in Europe decades ago, it happens all around the world today and if we as citizens do not act responsively it can happen here in the United States as well.

There is no record of Genocide/Democide occurring in a free armed society in the history of the world.

Benjamin Franklyn said it best… Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety. Benjamin Franklin, Historical Review of Pennsylvania, 1759
US author, diplomat, inventor, physicist, politician, & printer (1706 – 1790)

Freedom is to share power and yes, its up to citizens newcomers and other generations of Americans to decide whether that’s a price we want to continue paying. Punish the criminals not the law abiding…


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