10 commandments: the moral code of New Ukraine

handshake-deal1) do not give and take bribes

The fish rots from the head, but in our case, the country is rotten, starting with each of us. Candy, cognac for the rapid production of documents, puffy envelopes for taking on the important post, the phrase, “well, you know what to do”-all this had an enormous system of corruption that began with the little village and ended with Mežigor′em. We will not supply will not supply and demand bribes. Start building the Europe personally host-stop fuel the pyramid of corruption. It’s not terrible.

2) Not stealing

It’s hard to resist the temptation to touch up documents and write off of the company’s budget is slightly smaller, and a pocket to put a little bit more. Especially when you are at home waiting for a family. It is necessary to learn systematically from head vyvetrivat′ bad habits came from the USSR: taking what does not belong to you or lay anywhere-at work, on the streets or in other places. You are stealing from somebody not unreal-you obkradyvaete yourself in the first place-because you live. Every time you wish to look at yourself in the mirror and look there.

3) respect others

Peaceful coexistence is impossible without respect, and it will be key to economic success. Only when we learn to respect other people, no matter what language they speak, the nation, religion, orientation, or what music to listen to and which politicians support-only then can begin really peaceful life. Just accept the fact that someone is not the same as you-and will become easier, believe me. Our diversity makes us strong.

4) Help

Kill virus indifference within. Don’t be afraid to pick up a man who fell in the middle of the street or got lost in a strange area. It’s not a shame, it is the other way round-very nice! A genuine smile and say “thank you” motivates the best prizes and awards. Well, sooner or later it could happen that the assistance will be required for you-wouldn’t you like to be alone, right?

5) Keep clean

For some reason, once we get abroad, we have included “Europe”-we stop littering and break the rules. Why not try to keep this power mode-permanently and at home? It’s simple: rather than complaining about the bassist could ever want at your home, stop throwing cigarette butts and wrappers. Don’t be afraid to spread this around, if you see that someone does not even think about where vikiduvaty garbage. In Ukraine there are excellent initiatives-for example, “Let’s do it Ukraine”-they need your support.

6) self-organize

“On the edge” is the motto of the old and archaic. The slogan of the new Ukraine should become a self-organization. If you do not believe-check out the video from Maidan and understand that this is actually very easy-even if you 10500 or thousands. Maintain a dialogue with its neighbours to defend the rights of their houses. Talk with colleagues Develop work teams. One person is able to do a lot of things, but a group of self-organizing people-even bigger and even better. Ask for help, zorganizujtes′ with someone who agrees with you-and you will be able to solve any problem.

7) to take responsibility

It’s time to expand the circle of responsibility a little bit further than you are accustomed to this. You need to take this opinion into consideration: you alone are responsible for your own life and your own success, and no one else! Your responsibility is and clean in the city, and the deputies, who you choose to represent you. Do not be afraid to take responsibility for their work, their promises and their loved ones: This gives strength, energy, and confidence in action. This is the Foundation of your existence.

8) don’t be afraid

This is exactly what a new Ukraine. People began to realize that fear is the only obstacle to a better life. And Heavenly hundred put their lives just for the fact that we were able to live in the country without fear. To not be afraid of walking cities, defend their rights, to catch the thieves and to express their views freely. Freedom is the first step to change. Only by being physically, morally and spiritually free, we can realize all the dreams that we think every day.

9) wait

Stop waiting for someone to come along and make the order near your home. Stop waiting for that State, through officials or authorities will give you the job will solve the problem. The most unhappy with life are those who Whines and expect someone to do everything for him. Stand up and take action! Just depends on you, how good is your life.

10) Expanding Horizons

Time to get out into the light of the caves of their stereotypes. Time to get rid of the myths that keep pushing you a policy or MEDIA is the only way you will find the real truth. Don’t judge what you do not know. Travel-start with the best parts of their field and finish the best places of Ukraine and the world. Select the time and money. Read books and meet new people. Open yourself to the world, and it will open all of its improbability is for you.

Source: http://kiev1.org/en/natsbank-ukrainy-chto-tam-proishodit.html


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