Overpriced Michael Jordan sneakers made in foreign sweatshops


We’ve switched from a culture that was interested in manufacturing, economics, politics – trying to play a serious part in the world – to a culture that’s really entertainment-based
Stephen King

Regarding the “race issue” and “social responsibility,” look at Jordan sneakers. They sell from $350 to $450. Regular good-quality sneakers cost approximately $35.

Kids of all races are crazy to purchase Jordan sneakers. I assume Michael Jordan makes a lot of money licensing his famous name. That is totally fine with me. The only question is: Aren’t Jordan sneakers made in sweatshops in Singapore and Thailand?

If yes, wouldn’t it be better if Jordan produced in our African -American communities such as the North Shore? It would help people who are the most disadvantaged to get jobs and training if the company supplied it and get help breaking the cycle of poverty and dependence

Training and jobs will lead to less crime in African-American communities. I am sure if his sneakers carried the label “Made in USA,” Jordan’s business would be even more successful and a model for others.

One thought on “Overpriced Michael Jordan sneakers made in foreign sweatshops

  1. The essential problem with our culture is Michael Jordan licenses his name for a lot of money (with no work) and regular people say, “That is TOTALLY fine with me.” You can’t gave it both ways: decry overseas sweatshops and loss of American manufacturing – and yet have no problem with the ‘free’ market that concentrates wealth and power to the detriment of regular people.- so that the rich can get ever more dollars AND power. The SYSTEM needs some ‘minor’ adjusting to say the least.

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