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A Nation of Pill – Takers

By Ilya Galak and Alan Galak Why is it that our Nation is stricken time and time again with mass shootings? What can be done to counter and prevent future tragedies? In that discussion two central issues arise: gun control and mental health. I won’t touch the issue of guns here; instead I want to … Continue reading

Obama’s Second Inaugural Address: The Era of Reagan is Over

By Michael Califra A generation ago on January 20th, 1981, with the longest period of shared economic prosperity in US history mired in “stagflation”, Ronald Reagan took the oath of office as the nation’s 40th president.  In his inaugural address he left no doubt where he placed the blame for the nation’s woes, proclaiming that … Continue reading

Beware the Coming Republican Push for the Gold Standard

By Michael Califra Republicans got walloped in the November 6th elections with President Obama easily defeating Mitt Romney, the Democrats increasing their majority in the Senate and picking up seats in the House of Representatives.  A campaign in which Romney and the Republicans ran on discredited “trickle down” economics, turning  Medicare’s guaranteed benefits into a … Continue reading

Why there is no “Debt Crisis” in America

Why there is no “Debt Crisis” in America By Michael Califra, Staten Island June, 2012 We need to stop the spending! The country is broke! We’re passing on a crushing burden of debt to our children! How many times have you heard those words over the last few years? How many times have you recited … Continue reading

The Second Amendment, Gun Control and the NRA

By Michael Califra  A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed. On December 15, 1791, the Second Amendment was adopted along with the rest of the Bill of Rights. But is it as relevant and necessary … Continue reading

Who is Responsible for Skyrocketing Gas Prices?

By Michael Califra July, 2012 Republicans have been shouting about the high price of gasoline every chance they get. In the face of a steady stream of good economic news, they sense a political opening in the frustration and anxiety people feel when they fill up at the pump. House Speaker John Boehner endorsed the … Continue reading

Never Mind the “Fiscal Cliff”; the Real One is Just around the Corner

By Michael Califra While the national news media is obsessed with the “Fiscal Cliff” circus in Washington, there is another event on the horizon that poses real and dangerous consequences for the national and the global economy – raising the debt ceiling.     There are a lot of misconceptions about what raising the debt ceiling … Continue reading

Austerity v. Stimulus: The Verdict Is In.

  By Michael Califra It has been more than four years since the global financial crisis hit. For the past two to three years governments have been trying to repair economies damaged in the aftermath of the worst economic disaster since the Great Depression. There were basically two approaches taken to get economies and jobs … Continue reading

Barack Obama deserves a second term and we need to elect Mark Murphy to Congress; here’s why

By Michael Califra President Obama has achieved much during his first term. This is a summary of his signature accomplishments and the reasons he deserves to be reelected: The Economy In the Fall of  2008, a credit crisis precipitated by a once-in-a- century housing bubble combined with Wall St. deregulation and fraud had brought an … Continue reading

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